Upcoming Motorcycle Adventures

20 DAY TOUR (The Great Thailand Ride)

If you had 20 days to blaze your way through a bucket list motorcycle adventure tour crossing a country from the North to the South, which would you choose? In our minds, there’s no question: Thailand has it all.
20 DAY TOUR (New Zealand - Forgotten World)

20 DAY TOUR (New Zealand - Forgotten World)

This tour is designed for keen riders who want to pack everything in and not miss a beat of New Zealand. Beginning in Christchurch, the world's friendliest city on the South Island, and finishing up in Auckland, the City of Sails on the North Island.

3 DAY TOUR (Sukhothai Loop)

This short and smooth motorcycle adventure will take you to the most beautiful countryside in the northern part of Central Thailand. The Sukhothai Loop is exactly what you need for an exciting motorcycle experience!
Lhasa to Everest

10 DAY TOUR (Lhasa to Mt. Everest)

This classic route connecting the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa to the North Face Everest Base Camp Region is one of the most amazing overland journeys on the planet and will take you up close to the world’s highest peak!

13 DAY TOUR (Crossing Thailand)

From the Mountains to the Sea, this 13-day Crossing Thailand Motorcycle Tour gives you a great experience of all the best Thailand has to offer. From the North to the South. Starting in Chiang Mai and end on Phuket Island.

20 DAY TOUR (Vietnam, Laos & Thailand)

A Once-In-a-Lifetime-Trip! You will discover 3 exotic countries in 20 days: Amazing THAILAND / Unseen LAOS / Timeless Charm VIETNAM. We will explore small, almost hidden routes that are unknown to many.

10 DAY TOUR (Women Riders Only - Northern Thailand)

The “Women Riders Only” gives you a great insight into the Land of Smiles, guided and supported by the all-female staff! This tour provides an outstanding opportunity to obtain a thorough impression of the uniqueness of North Thailand.

10 DAY TOUR (Mongolia - The Wild West Ride)

This motorcycle adventure is designed to give you the most extraordinary and unforgettable experience, as you navigate across the Mongol empire on motorcycles as Genghis Khan did on horseback 900 years ago.  
10 Day Tour (Incredible Cambodia)

10 DAY TOUR (Thailand & Cambodia) incl. MotoGP

This fantastic tour starts and finishes in Pattaya. Only Big Bike Tours can offer and manage this special kind of motorcycle tour. Discover the World Heritage Site of “Angkor Wat” and enjoy the MotoGP race at the Buriram International Circuit.
Incredible Cambodia

10 DAY TOUR (Incredible Cambodia)

Come ride with us an incredible journey and experience Angkor Wat - UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lonely Planet’s choice as the world’s best tourist destination and the biggest religious complex in the world. But Cambodia has so much more to offer!

50 DAY TOUR (The Great Indochina Ride)

Southeast Asia is a wondrous and mysterious region and we are taking a full Indochina tour around it. With a fascinating but often troubled history and unique and varying cultures, this enchanting region has much to offer.

6 DAY TOUR (Northern Thailand)

The tour has been planned to take in the absolute best that Northern Thailand has to offer – fantastic roads, beautiful vistas, and “must-see” attractions such as the magical Golden Triangle or the famed “White Temple” in Chiang Rai.

1 DAY TOUR (Samoeng Loop)

The incredible Samoeng Loop motorcycle tour. Join it to discover the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Doi Suthep (highest peak in Chiang Mai), and many other exciting attractions in one day.

1 DAY TOUR (Doi Inthanon)

Join this one-day tour to discover the Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand (2,565 meters above sea level). A day full of adventure on the road discovering this majestic National Park.

3 DAY TOUR (Nan Loop)

During this loop, you will enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery in Thailand, and ride some simply amazing roads. For example, the famous road R1148 ranked as one of the top 10 best riding roads all over the world.

3 DAY TOUR (Mae Hong Son Loop - The 1000 Corner Ride)

This short motorcycle tour covers the best roads in Thailand if you only have a few days, but want an adventure you will never forget! The MHS Loop is most famous for having 1,864 bends along a 300 km stretch.
10 Day Tour (Amazing Thailand)

10 DAY TOUR (Amazing Thailand)

This is a beautiful motorcycle journey, full of diversity, beautiful scenery, cultures, food, etc. We will explore many places most people don’t even know are existing. The Amazing Thailand Motorcycle Tour gives you a great insight into the Land of Smile.

10 DAY TOUR (Thailand & Laos)

Real motorcycle adventure: Laos is a country as yet untouched by modern demands. The magical, lush and extremely colorful Laos offers motorcycle touring at its best: charming villages, exotic cultures, warm people, and spectacular scenery.

20 DAY TOUR (Tibet & Shangri-La)

You will discover 5 exotic countries in 20 days: THAILAND / BURMA / LAOS / CHINA / TIBET. The tour provides an outstanding opportunity to obtain a thorough impression of the uniqueness of the autonomous province of Tibet via Shangri-La.

5 DAY TOUR (True Bikers Paradise)

This fantastic motorcycle tour covers the best roads in Northern Thailand. We know what you want: great roads, no traffic, no speed cams, and stunning scenery. This tour can deliver all that and more. Real Motorcycle Tour for Real Riders!

8 DAY TOUR (Ultimate Trails Thailand)

Introducing this memorable motorcycle tour in Northern Thailand on dream roads, where we will take you all around the three ancient kingdoms. An unforgettable riding experience as we pass through natural, historical, and cultural attractions.

20 DAY TOUR (Thailand & Myanmar)

We are proud to offer our customers this real adventure tour: 20 days unseen Thailand & Myanmar (former Burma). We were the first tour company to organize tours across the Thailand/Myanmar border with motorbikes.

14 DAY TOUR (The Real Himalayan Ride)

Traveling up in these beautiful mountains by motorcycle brings you close to the environment and its inhabitants; close to the nature of this huge place. For most riders, a trip like this will be the experience of a lifetime.

8 DAY TOUR (Unseen Thailand)

Join this exciting tour, that will make you discover the unseen side of Northern Thailand, full of glorious sights and unique experiences! Riding the most fun biking roads to be found anywhere in the world, providing you with pure riding pleasure.
5 Day Tour (Lanna Kingdom)

5 DAY TOUR (Fantastic Lanna Kingdom)

This dream biker’s excursion will take you first to the highest peak of Thailand and will then combine the famous 1,864 curves to Mae Hong Son with the magical Golden Triangle Loop. Lots of great reasons, why this tour is our Bestseller.

3 DAY TOUR (Magical Golden Triangle)

Fantastic motorcycle tour fueled with adrenaline. You will ride to the famous Golden Triangle (the border between Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos) in the best way possible!

Why choose us?


We are Southeast Asia ́s leading motorcycle tour company, certified Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Winner of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


All our motorcycle tours are fully inclusive. Our tour prices are final prices. There are no hidden costs, upgrades or other surprises. All is paid. Best Price-Performance Ratio. We guarantee it.


Every tour has been meticulously researched to show you the best riding and cultural experiences Thailand and Southeast Asia have to offer. Ride off the beaten tracks with Us.


Eat and sleep in the best locations. We’ll take you closer to the local people and culture, without skimping. This is one of our most important tour philosophy and on the end the reason for the success of Big Bike Tours.


You’ll have a lot of it. Amazing Thailand, Truly Laos, Unseen Myanmar, Wonderful Cambodia, Charming Vietnam or Magical Tibet for many a life-changing experience. Come ride with us – the real deal!


Our own motorcycles are in excellent condition, well maintained and serviced according to European standard by staff mechanics. We do not use rental bikes on our tours and we do not rent out our equipment.


We limit our motorcycle tours to 10 riders. Small groups are safer and friendlier. Don’t settle for some normal routine journey. We simply take your touring holidays to the next level.


Our motorcycle tours are accompanied by experienced road captains, tour guides and mechanics. All team members are certified first aiders with safety as a priority.


We’ve been riding in Thailand and Southeast Asia for more than 15 years and running motorcycle tours since 2009. We deliver ´cause we know what we’re doing.
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Andre' Van Dyk
Andre' Van Dyk
posted 2 months ago

I just finished a 5 day 4 night tour of Northern Thailand.
My bike was a Versays 650..plenty of grunt and very comfortable. It had been 20 something years since I had been on a big bike and it took a day to feel comfortable riding a big bike again.
The tour leaders Kay and Noah understood this and the more experienced quicker guys went out front and those of us that went at a more sedate pace always had someone following us up. With stops usually after an hours riding the pace ended up being comfortable for me.
They have a saying RIDE AT YOUR OWN PACE. So providing you are reasonably competent on a large manual bike the tour should pose no problems.
The bikes were well maintained we had no breakdowns accidents drops or issues over the 5 days and 1358 kilometres. Trip was well organised and we had a lot of fun at night with a few drinks and great meals.
The trip was a bit more of an adventure than I was expecting and I felt personally challenged to extend my riding abilities and getting a little outside my comfort zone on nice sweeping bends or twisting corners was good thing and added to the whole experience.
If you're considering a trip look at it as a complete experience..seeing different places eating varied meals meeting like minded guys and riding a big bike on what had to be for me the best riding roads I have ever been on.

TOUR DATES FOR 2021/2022

To check out all tour dates, please click here or download our PDF Tour Calendar or comb through our Google Online Calendar. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time in case of further questions.

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Tours you find below are nearly sold out, but there are still some spots left:

03. MAY – 07. MAY 2021
For our Topseller, combine the famous Mae Hong Son Loop with more than 1864 curves and the magical Golden Triangle in one trip, we still have room.

03. MAY – 12. MAY 2021

For the best Motorcycle Tour through Northern Thailand are still places available at the moment.

05. MAY – 10. MAY 2021
For this stunning tour among others to the famous Golden Triangle we also still have some space left.

08. MAY – 12. MAY 2021
For this memorable ride through unseen Thailand´s motorcycle paradise, we still also have some spots left.

29. AUGUST – 17. SEPTEMBER 2021
We run this tour only twice a year. Places are limited and in high demand, cause we limit our tours to a maximum of 10 participants. There are still places available.

25. OCTOBER – 14. NOVEMBER 2021
For this memorable ride through Indochina, where you will discover 3 exotic countries, we still have some spots left. Places are in high demand.

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