5 Laos Travel Tips for Having the Trip of a Lifetime

By late 2022, Laos had seen over a million tourists visit after travel restrictions were lifted. Those numbers are expected to continue to grow as the world moves away from pandemic fears and the country pushes to revitalize tourism-related businesses.

If you’re one of the many people looking to jump on the bandwagon, there are some things you should know beforehand. This includes where to go in Laos, how to travel, and what tourism packages are available.

Here are five Laos travel tips if you want a memorable experience.

1. Visit During the Dry Season

The best tip for your first-time visit to Laos is to avoid the rainy season.

Laos has a tropical climate, which means it has a high amount of rainfall and high humidity throughout the summer months. These months span from May to mid-October.

In contrast, the dry season runs from mid-October to April. You won’t have to deal with heavy rain during the cooler, drier months.

2. Research the Currency and Exchange Rate

As with any international travel, it’s important for you to understand the currency and exchange rate. According to xe.com, one USD is equivalent to roughly 18,808 Lao Kips.

The average cost of a meal can vary but expect to spend about ₭120,610 per day.

3. Travel Safer in Groups

It goes without saying that you should keep an eye on your things when you’re traveling in a foreign country. Carry cash rather than your cards. Lock up your motorbike and park it in a paid lot to avoid theft.

If possible, travel in a group with motorcycle Laos tours. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting lost or running into danger. They’ll also help you figure out where to go in Laos.

4. Use the Right Apps

Traveling through Laos can get tricky if you don’t download the right travel apps. Something like the Skyscanner app can help you find flights, hotels, and rent cars. The 12Go website lets you preview public transport schedules.

Finally, Google Maps should be able to help you navigate the bigger cities. However, don’t expect it to help much when traveling through more rural areas.

5. Dress Appropriately

As Laos is tropical, you’ll need to dress for the weather. If you’re going in the summer, then you’ll need clothing that can handle the heat, humidity, and rain. A sweatshirt and a light jacket will suffice in the cooler season.

If you plan to visit any temples, wear pants or a skirt with long sleeves.

Follow These Laos Travel Tips for a Great Time

Laos travel doesn’t have to be scary or complicated. You should be in safe hands if you join a tour group traveling across the country. Packages should include hotel rooms, a motorcycle rental, a guide, and meals.

Big Bike Tours is your best option for tours across Thailand and Asia. We can also give you plenty of Laos travel advice if you decide to continue when the tour finishes. Contact us with any questions about our packages.


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