6 Tips for Preparing Your Motorcycle for a Tour across Thailand

A Fabulous Adventure to Begin

Seems like Thailand was especially created by the Gods for long-distance rides, because it gathers all the elements needed for an unforgettable, thrilling and special adventure.

Riders from all the corners of the world come here to see the majestic landscapes and experiences that only this country can bring.

You are one of them. Nonetheless, before embarking yourself in this fabulous adventure, you need to get your motorcycle ready. At Big Bike Tours, we will bring you six tips that will get you ready in no time!

Food for Thought: Should You Do It Alone?

Do you feel ready for traveling solo across Thailand?

If you have never been here before, then it can be incredibly challenging, yet, we understand that for the wild hearts out there is not discouraging, to the contrary, it only fuels them even more. However, you will have to take care of different matters. We explain it all right here: https://www.bigbiketours.com/6-tips-first-open-road-long-bike-ride-across-thailand/

We take it for granted that you already know how to drive a motorcycle very well, because otherwise, you would be subjecting yourself to too much danger.

If you would like to get the same excitement while making your ride much safer and easier, then you can always join our organized motorcycle tours. They will allow you to explore this fabulous country and you will gain precious experience, which will allow you to explore it on your own later in your life.

That’s it. Now let’s get into the tips!

#1 – Do You Have the Right Motorcycle?

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Before you start planning your adventure, you need to make sure that you have the right bike for the job. It needs to be able to handle hard roads (and no roads in some cases), because Thailand’s geography is varying.

Therefore, at Big Bike Tours we solely bring you the best bikes:

  1. BMW F 800 GS
  2. BMW G 310 GS
  3. Honda CB 650F
  4. Honda CB 500X
  5. Honda CB 300F
  6. Honda CRF 250 Rally
  7. Kawasaki Versys 650
  8. Kawasaki ER6-n 650

They are practical and versatile. Ideally, your motorcycle should have similar features to this selection, and even better if you own one of these.

#2 – The Importance of Proper Maintenance:

Breaking down in the middle of the road in a country you don’t know much about can turn your adventure into a real nightmare. Don’t make it happen to you and bring proper maintenance to your bike before you leave.

It will allow you to make all the necessary repairs to get your bike up to the nines and enjoy a pleasant and exciting adventure on the road.

Address all the problems your bike might have and fix them:

  1. The alignment of the wheels
  2. The state of the valves
  3. The brake pads
  4. The primary drive chains
  5. The chain and sprockets.

We are not talking about a short ride, we are talking about touring a distant and exotic country with challenging road conditions. Your bike needs to work at its best for you to surpass all the obstacles you may find in your way.

#3 – Check Your Tires:

Your tires will receive the most impact during this long ride, and therefore, you must inspect them properly. If they have worn out, then it is time to replace them, because the last thing you want is to have to replace then in the middle of your adventure.

If you replace them, then make sure to test them for a few days, in order to detect any problem like mounting issues and air pressure. Make sure everything is perfect.

Furthermore, make sure to check your tires in the regular, at every stop you make. It will allow you to detect problems early and solve them as necessary.

#4 – Check Your Chain:

Before you leave, you need to make sure that your chain and sprockets are in optimal conditions, because this system will receive a lot of impact during your adventure.

Evidently, if the chain is in poor conditions, then you should replace it entirely. It will be worth it, and it is all for your safety, because in some cases, if the chain comes off, then it can end up locking up the rear wheel. A very dangerous problem to have.

Furthermore, make sure to bring your chain proper lubing whenever you can, because it will allow you to keep it in optimal conditions to continue your adventure.

#5 – Check Your Engine:

Before you depart, you need to ensure to inspect your engine properly, and repair it as needed. Make sure to give it a proper tune-up, which includes using clean filters and good lubricants.

You will have the precious opportunity to enjoy beautiful and majestic landscapes; however, you need to be ready for the challenging roads and weather. You need to make your motorcycle your best ally in this adventure.

#6 – Warm Up:

Before you depart, you need to warm up. It is similarly to attempting a new 1RM for your deadlift or squat without warming up properly; it will only lead to injury and underperformance.

Check your bike, repair it as needed and warm up for some days. Use it for some short and medium-distance rides, to get you ready for the main adventure. Get a feel of the performance of your bike and watch it closely, in order to detect any possible problem.

Also, you should check your diet and prepare physically, because it will be a very demanding activity. You should start focusing on clean protein sources, healthy fats and vegetables instead of processed carbs. You need to be physically and mentally sharp.

Final Words:

Here you have it.

You are ready to embark yourself in this life-changing adventure. It will be challenging, of course, but it will be worth it. After all, the things worth living always come attached to obstacles and resistance; but you are here to overcome them and live the joy!

If you have any question, feel free to comment it below.