7 Reasons a Motorcycle Tour to Tibet and Shangri-La Will Change Your Life

Tibet Will Change Your Life

When you think of Tibet it is inevitable not to think of monks in orange robes praying and even feel that sacred atmosphere full of mysticism. However, you can quit dreaming and actually live it with a tour that will take you to discovering Tibet and Shangri-La. A journey that will completely change your life for better!

An Overview of the Adventure:

The Tibet and Shangri-La are our destination, but in order to get there we will cover an amazing route that includes five countries: Thailand (starting point), Myanmar (former Burma), Laos, China and Tibet.

In order to arrive there we’ll cross these countries and in the process you will enjoy of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes you have ever seen in your life.

It will be a journey full of beauty, exciting experiences and the adrenaline of riding across 5 Asian countries during 19 days.

If you are tired of conventional tours which are so structured and don’t give you room for living adventures and experiences off-the-track, then this motorcycle is exactly what you need!

And now let’s check the 7 reasons on why this will change your life. We are pretty sure that once you done reading this, you will want to embark yourself in this adventure as soon as possible!

#1 – You Will Get In Touch With Different Cultures:

If you want to change your perception on life and the world, then you need to get in touch with different cultures. Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to do with a conventional tour. However, if you decide to embark yourself on this adventure, then we can guarantee you that you will get in touch with different cultures in a pretty unique and truly fulfilling way.

For example, during the tour you will get the chance to visit and discover Tachilek, an emblematic town in Myanmar. You will cross the border and get to discover the hidden treasures of this town, and yes, you will also see monks bicycling!

Every place, town and city we visit will bring you a new and unique experience, something that will you will keep with you till the end of your days.

The most important thing here is the approach. As you will be riding across the continents and visiting different places, you will be able to see the changes in culture. This is something that will have a deep and good impact in you, because you will be able to see how rich and diverse our world is.

#2 – You’ll Become More Self Reliant:

Real freedom comes from being self-reliant, and although it is ‘impossible’ to be it at a 100%, you can still improve in this department and this tour will help you.

For example, when you ride from Jing Hong to Shuangjiang, you will need to cover over 300 kilometers almost non-stop and cross the Mekong River multiple times. You will be accompanied by staggering and beautiful scenery, but actually covering this distance will take courage and determination.

If you want to cultivate and unleash this important personality trait, then this tour will help you to achieve so.

#3 – You’ll get out Of Your Mind:

By getting in touch with different cultures and realities, be it when visiting Luang Namtha in Laos, the casino town of Jing Hong in China or when finally arriving to Tibet and Shangri-La, this whole tour will help you to get out of your mind and look at everything with different eyes.

Sometimes we become too molded to our routines, and that creates monotony, something that at the same time creates unhappiness. Therefore, this tour will provide you with an escape to this trap that’s driving you to a boring and dull life…

#4 – You Will Make New and Valuable Friends:

You won’t be doing this tour alone, because we will do this in group. You will be able to interact with your team mates, and hence, you will have the opportunity to make new friends. And not only on the road, but you’ll also have this chance when you visit the different towns and cities.

People in this region are very friendly, so it won’t be hard to start a conversation, and who knows, you might end up making pretty good friends that will last for a lifetime!

#5 – You Will Become a Better Rider:

Experience makes the master, and you should know that riding your bike from Thailand to Tibet is going to teach you more than you can imagine about being a good rider.

Traveling more than 4,400 KM is more than enough to test your endurance and improve your skills riding your motorcycle. It will take both mental and physical endurance, but if you want to reach the next level, then by all means you need to give this tour a try!

#6 – You Will Discover the Hidden Gems of Asia:

Conventional tours simply show you the most iconic attractions, but if you decide to take this tour then you will discover the real hidden gems of this fabulous continent:

  1. The picturesque town of Weishan in Yunnan (China)
  2. The fascinating old town of Dali (China)
  3. The famous town of Shangri-La (Tibet)
  4. The exotic wooden town of Lijian (China)
  5. The beautiful and captivating world heritage town of Luang Prabang (Laos)

If you want to experience the unseen and off-the-track attractions of this amazing continent, then we invite you to join this 19-day tour that will show you everything!

If you want to discover those places that conventional tours won’t show you, then now you know what you need to do.

#7 – You Will Have Great Stories To Tell:

Life is made of experiences, and you can bet on it that this tour will bring you plenty of great stories you will be able to tell to your friends over the pass of the years.

Make your life more exciting, join this tour and feel the difference!

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