A Quick Guide to Japan Motorcycle Tours
Japan Architecture

There’s a reason that about 3.8 million international travelers visit Japan each year. The country perfectly blends history with modern technology, and the entire culture reflects this. It’s a unique place to visit that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Japan motorcycle tours are a great way to experience all of the beauty this island nation has to offer. Read on to learn why.

Japan on Two Wheels

Japan is a unique country perfectly suited to motorcycle adventures. It has gorgeous coastlines, high mountains, and beautiful valleys with natural sites. You also can bike to beautiful temples, technological museums, and both historical and post-modern attractions.

Japan is also an extremely safe place to go motorcycling. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, so you’ll be safe almost anywhere you go. It also has generally nice weather, plenty of food, and places to stop and rest.

These factors make Japan a perfect place to go on a motorcycle adventure. You’re sure to feel free with nothing but the wind to guide you along the smooth but winding roads. There are very few restrictions regarding where you can go, what you can do, and how you can stay safe.

Why Japan Motorcycle Tours?

Many people think that this freedom means that they should bring their own motorcycles to Japan and explore independently. However, this is a challenging task because you’ll need to ship your bike overseas. Whether you use an international shipping service or a RoRo ferry, this is going to take several weeks and cost a lot of money.

If you rent a motorcycle individually, you also will need to pay a daily fee. There also may be limits about where you can ride and for how long. You’ll need to get it back to the rental facility at a certain time, which might restrict your ability to have the adventure you crave.

Luckily, guided motorcycle tours are available affordably. You’ll get 21-day access to a high-quality motorcycle that you won’t need to worry about returning prematurely. You’ll also get insurance, hotel accommodations, an automated toll collection system, and breakfast paid for with your fee.

What Will You See?

These tours have several excellent advantages that individual bike rentals don’t afford. You’ll get a pre-made itinerary to ensure that you have a unique and adventurous experience. This will get you off the beaten path so that you can see everything that Japan has to offer.

Each tour with Big Bike Tours is also run by a multilingual guide. These experts have a ton of experience in showing people the best things about Japan. They’ll be able to give you interesting information about sights and sites so that you can make the most of every stop.

Start Motorcycle Touring ASAP

While a trip to Japan is always a good choice, motorcycle adventure tours ensure that you can get even more out of the experience. Now that you know the basics of Japan motorcycle tours, it’s time to start planning out your next adventure.

Our team is excited to help you book an experience and give you a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Our all-encompassing itinerary ensures that you’ll see more than you’ve ever dreamed of before, so contact us with any remaining questions you have about it.


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