Everything we provide for our own tours is available for your own branded tours. You sell the tour, bring your guests, and we make everything happen for you according to your preferences. Offering quality tours to exotic destinations is easy and seamless.

BIG BIKE TOURS offers quality motorcycle tours throughout Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Tibet (China). We’ll assist you to design your own unique tour that will amaze your customers, or all of our standard tours are available for you to offer out-of-the-box.

When you offer a tour via BIG BIKE TOURS, you get the benefit of all our local expertise and services that we offer to our own customers – the highest service quality, late-model motorcycles in peak condition, protection for your brand name, sales & marketing support (if required), and most of all happy customers!

So, if you are looking to expand your tour offering to new and exotic locations throughout SouthEast Asia, BIG BIKE TOURS is your local partner ready to work together to deliver unforgettable experiences your guests will never forget.

If you are not currently an affiliate and you wish to become one, please apply.





  • Offer your branded tours to Southeast Asia
  • Design your own exclusive tours
  • Our years of regional expertise at your disposal
  • Full fleet of many different brands and late-model for your customers
  • We know the optimal roads, sights, and accommodations for riders


  • Stress-free and well organized touring
  • Local expertise & excellent reputation
  • We work with you to maintain your brand
  • All the extra touches that make for an unforgettable premium experience for your customers
  • Marketing & sales support (if required)