The 6 Best Motorcycle Touring Boots

Your ride cannot be complete without a pair of comfortable, strong and useful touring boots because they provide you the necessary grip for even the most challenging roads.

On top of that, your feet will feel comfortable, dry, protected and warm, which is essential for long trips. Based on our experience – after testing dozens of boots – these six best offer the best value for the money:

  • Excellent design
  • Comfortable build
  • Durable and resistant materials
  • Stylish appearance
  • Waterproofing to protect you against changes in the weather

We have spent our money so you do not have to. Read our reviews and pick the perfect pair of touring boots for you!

Daytona Road Star GTX

If you are looking for the finest quality, then look no further than the Daytona Road Star GTX. Straight from Germany, this pair of boots will provide you with comfort and protection for thousands of kilometers.

Its includes a toe box, a solid heel cup, and shin and ankle protectors, which provides you with a solid yet comfortable construction.

It also comes with a two-year waterproof warranty and a one-year manufacturer warranty, to ensure that you are getting a top-notch product. Not in vain they take up to eight weeks to produce a single pair of Daytona Road Start GTX boots.

Other important features include:

  • Easy to use: Two-zip fastening system
  • Weather protection: Plush inner liner and a suede cuff at the top
  • Strong grip: Non-slip rubber soles

In conclusion, everything you would never need from a pair of motorcycle riding boots.

Alpinestars Caracal Gore-Tex

From a first glance, they are stylish and have a strong presence. They offer an excellent pair of boots for a fair price, and that is why many riders have fallen in love with the Alpinestars Caracal Gore-Tex, which also include waterproofing.

They combine the best from both worlds:

  • Flexible: To walk around with freedom and comfort, especially when you are going to use them for long rides
  • Rigid: To protect you on the road, especially in the event of an accident

You will love them if you like close fit boots. Nonetheless, since they feature an Italian design, it is important to choose a size large than usual, to ensure your maximum comfort.

They protect you thanks to their ankle protectors, shin guard, heel cup and toe box. They are excellent to act as a shield against strikes and accidents.

The comfort comes thanks to their soft inner lining and special design, which combine an ideal construction with top-notch materials.

REV’IT! Gravel OutDry

To protect you in the case of an accident on the road, it is essential to have a pair of solid and rigid boots, and the REV’IT! Gravel OutDry excel in this department.

They are as rigid as they come, thanks to their reinforced toe box, heel cup, shin guard and ankle guard. If you ever have to suffer an accident, these boots will make sure that your feet remain intact.

Nonetheless, their solid and rigid construction does not mean they are not comfortable. To the contrary, thanks to their full-grain cowhide leather and suede design, you will feel comfortable once you wear them.

On top of that, they also include waterproofing. These boots feature an exclusive laminated OutDry waterproof layer, which is bonded to the outer fabric, with the objective of stopping water from getting in.

The unique detail is that they are not easy to slip on and off, due to the extra protection and rigidity.

SIDI Aria Gore

If you are looking for a pair of riding boots that provide an outstanding performance when riding in hot temperatures, then the SIDI Aira Gore are exactly what you need.

Unlike the majority of boots that use a leather construction – which is great for winter but can come across as uncomfortable during summer – the SIDI Aria Gore use an Abrasion resistant Cordura construction. It allows you to feel comfortable even in very high temperatures.

Furthermore, since they are lightweight, they will feel even more comfortable, especially if you have to ride for long distances. They are easy to slip on and off thanks to their zip and Velcro combination.

Like most boots, they provide protection at the most important regions: ankles, shins, heels and toes.

Overall, they are an excellent pair of boots that live up to the hype of what they promise.

Forma Jasper OutDry

If you are looking for an excellent value for the money, then the Forma Jasper OutDry will be ideal for you, since they are one of the most affordable riding boots in the market.

These boots are riding and stiff – and along with the added protection in the ankles, toes, heels and shins – they will do exactly what they were created for, to protect you in the event of an accident.

They are comfortable thanks to their padded inner liner, and thanks to their zip and Velcro system, they are easy to slip on and off.

Nonetheless, their rigid leather construction rests some points in the comfort department, but even then, we recommend them with all the confidence in the world.

Icon Patrol 2

Following the line of affordable motorcycle touring boots, we have the Icon Patrol 2. They feature a Boa closure system, which makes it very easy to tighten the laces, by simply turning a dial.

Thanks to the padded inner liner, they are comfortable to wear even during long distances. These boots are also excellent during the summer.

Regarding protection, they will protect your ankles, heels and toes in the case of an accident. However, consider that these are ankle boots, and therefore, they lack shin protection.


Now you know what the best motorcycle touring boots are, and therefore, now you know how to protect your feet during your long rides.

It is one of the best investments you will make, because it will bring you a lot more confidence when riding. You have got to try them to feel the difference!