The 5 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses: Supercharge Your Adventure on the Road

You already know why motorcycles riding glasses are essential to supercharge your adventure on the roads. However… if you want to reap all the benefits – reduce the flare, increase safety and make you look badass – then you need to buy the best glasses in the market.

After testing dozens of options in the market, we have been able to find the top 5 motorcycle riding glasses. We have done the heavy lifting and spent all the money so that you do not have to!

They all meet the essential basics such as excellent build quality, great comfort and best value for the money.

We have tested them in our tours at Big Bike Tours. Therefore, we can tell you with confidence that they deliver what they promise. We have compared them against alternatives, and believe us, they are the top dogs in the game!

Road Hog II

First off, it is a product by Bobster, one of the leading motorcycle accessories brands in the world. The Road Hog II glasses are crafted with top-quality materials to offer you a superb experience.

What you need from your glasses is to offer you clarity and protection. Good news is that these glasses offer it by the lots. They come with excellent clarity, UV-ray protection and solid build quality.

These glasses are ideal when riding in sunlight areas, and since they are prescription-ready, you can use them with your normal glasses easily. They make your life easier.

They come with several polycarbonate lenses, so you can adjust them at different times of the day. You can use them for long rides, since you can fine-tune your experience. They are ideal for regions with ever-changing weather conditions.

Finally, they include foam padding to protect you against the wind, which is a very important factor. It can totally ruin your journey, but since it will isolate you from the wind, dust and debris, you will be safe.

In our opinion, these are the best well-rounded riding glasses you can buy. They will help you in practically any situation you face.


The Rukus glasses by Bobster are another excellent choice. They are similar to the Road Hog II, but they offer key differences:

  • Photochromic lenses – they adjust to the time of the day and absorb up to 83% of light in low-light conditions
  • Glare reduction – they can reduce it up to 28%
  • Fog protection – they are a wonderful choice in foggy conditions

On top of that, they have an excellent build quality along with a resistant frame. You can run at top speeds without issues, because they will protect you against the wind.

Overall, they are an adaptable and excellent choice. If you only want to wear your glasses and forget about them, because they will do everything for you, then these might be the ideal choice for you.

They will protect you against the weather in practically all conditions, especially if you are going to ride in regions where the weather tends to change drastically without warning.

Shield 3

As you can see, we can vouch for Bobster, because the quality of their products is outstanding, and when it comes to riding glasses, you need the best protection at all times.

The Shield 3 is an excellent choice if you are in a tight budget, because it offers you the excellent quality of Bobster at a lower price. These are the principal features that make them a great buy:

  • Polycarbonate lenses – Resistant and more durable than glass
  • Polycarbonate frame – Highly durable and resistant to scratching
  • Non-polarized – Which makes them ideal for riding at night
  • Total UV protection – They will not damage your eyes

It does not come with fancy features like the Rukus or Road Hog II, but if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money, then believe us that the Shield 3 will be enough to meet and surpass your expectations.

Of course, if you need very specific features such as photochromic lenses, then you should consider buying the Rukus riding glasses.

Bobster Hooligan

If you are looking for the best light-adjusting riding glasses in the market, then once again, Bobster has got your back. The Hooligan glasses are the best in their class for this purpose, and these are the features that make them outstanding:

  • Budget friendly – Excellent quality for a low price
  • Photochromic lenses – They adapt to the light automatically
  • Comfortable frame – You can wear them for hours without problems

The unique downside is that they do not come with foam and they lack fog-protection features. However, for the price, they are totally worth it.

Nonetheless, if you are going to ride under foggy conditions, then you should consider purchasing the Rukus, because it is your safety we are talking about. You cannot risk it and it only takes a bit more of money.

Therefore, if you think that the Rukus are way too much for you, then now you can buy the Hooligan and get a very similar performance at a lower price.

Wiley X Gravity

If shatterproof protection is the most important for you, then the Wiley X Gravity will be the ideal choice for you. We recommend them due to the following reasons:

  • Shatterproof lenses – The best protection you will find in the market
  • Exclusive Gravity frame – It blocks dust, wind and debris from affecting your eyes
  • Ideal for dry eye – If that is you, then the Wiley X Gravity are excellent for you
  • Convertible to goggles – So you can take them anywhere you go
  • UV400 – The best protection out there

Therefore, if you are going to ride under very complicate conditions that will expose you to debris, dust and other problematic elements, then the Wiley X Gravity might be ideal for you.


Now you know what the best riding glasses in the market are. We recommend you to buy a pair, because they will help you to make your experience a lot better and much safer.