A Fabulous Adventure to Begin Seems like Thailand was especially created by the Gods for long-distance rides, because it gathers all the elements needed for an unforgettable, thrilling and special adventure. Riders from all the corners of the world come here to see the majestic landscapes and experiences that only this country can bring. You

Are you planning to go on the adventure of your life and ride across Tibet? The Land of Snows is one of the most beautiful places in this world, and riding across it on your bike, is one of the most fulfilling and amazing experiences you can experience in life. The monastery sights, stunning natural

If you are looking for an exotic experience where you can dump traditional transportation and can enjoy the freedom and excitement offered by bike riding, Thailand should be on your list. Probably there aren’t too many people aware of this, but Thailand is an exceptional destination when it comes to motorcycle touring. Not only will

Tibet Will Change Your Life When you think of Tibet it is inevitable not to think of monks in orange robes praying and even feel that sacred atmosphere full of mysticism. However, you can quit dreaming and actually live it with a tour that will take you to discovering Tibet and Shangri-La. A journey that

Life is made of experiences, and the wilder and more exciting they are the better. With that mind… what could be more exciting and wilder than joining an Indochina motorbike tour? If you are still doubtful about it, then give this article a read and rest assured that once you are done, you will start

A vacation across Asia while riding your bike… what’s not to love about it? It’s different, wild and exciting, and without any doubts, an experience that will stick in your memory till the end of your days. There is nothing like discovering this exotic, beautiful and amazing continent than by riding your bike across it.

Embarking yourself on a motorcycle tour across Southeast Asia is both exciting and a bit scary if it’s your first time. However, there are some things you need to keep into account before doing so, that’s why today we’ll share with you 5 ways to prepare yourself for your first tour of this kind. This

Celebrating cultural diversity, travel Big Bike Tours highlights some of the lesser-known communities around the world and what makes them so fascinating. The Tai Dam (or Black Tai) originates from the southern regions of China. The word ‘dam’ (meaning black) refers to the traditional black-colored skirt and headdress worn by Tai Dam women. When their

Becoming a better motorcycle rider is about continually honing your skills. These skills are sometimes obvious, and other times not. Here we have put together our Top 10 tips to riding better and safer: #1 RIDE IN A GROUP Ride in a group safely and efficiently is one of the key skills of motorcycle road

So you are planning your first Open Road long bike ride across Thailand. You may be a novice or experienced rider back home, but have you ever gone outside your comfort zone and driven in a foreign land where the rains come hard and heavy or the sun beats down at random? Have you ever