Camping under the Stars: A Guide to Motorcycle Camping During Long Tours
Motorcycle traveling down the road

After a brief slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism is booming again in Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations. In fact, Thailand’s Prime Minister expects more than 30 million foreign tourists this year.

Thailand is full of natural beauty and unforgettable landscapes. Motorcycle tours are one of the best ways to explore the country. Many visitors choose to set up camp each night and see as many sites as possible.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to motorcycle camping. Explore topics such as how to plan a motorcycle trip and what you need to pack.

Select Your Motorcycle

Selecting your bike is one of the first steps in planning your motorcycle camping journey. There are many different motorcycles to choose from.

Some riders prefer speed, while others provide comfort on a long ride. Our motorcycle fleet includes all the top brands such as Honda, BMW, and Kawasaki.

Plan Your Route

On a motorcycle expedition, you can head in any direction that your heart desires. There are so many sites and landmarks to see in Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations.

There are many different motorcycle tours to choose from. No trip is like the other and you can cross many items off your bucket list depending on the routes that you select.

Pack Your Camping Gear

Start off by writing down a checklist of all the overnight gear you will need. Since you are on a motorcycle, your list needs to be succinct and thoughtful. There is not enough storage for all your possessions, and you want to travel light.

The good news is that we supply you with storage space that is compatible with your motorcycle selection. We supply 10-liter backpacks that fit on your shoulders.

We also have the option to put a top-box or pannier on your motorcycle. Any gear that cannot fit is left behind at our secure facility.

It is important to pack the essentials for your motorcycle adventure. Shelter is one of the most crucial items. You will also need water, non-perishable food, and a change of clothes.

You also need a means to communicate in the event of an emergency. Depending on where your motorcycle tour is heading, you may need a satellite phone to ensure a connection is always available.

Motorcycle Gear

Lastly, you need to ensure you are properly equipped for a long journey. We do provide basics like motorcycle helmets and jackets. We also issue gloves, knee guards, and body protection.

However, there are certain items that are on you to bring on a motorcycle tour. Boots and trousers are two examples of items that you need to supply.

Your Guide to Motorcycle Camping

You are now ready to hit the open road and explore. There are so many amazing sites to see on a motorcycle camping trip. Camping out allows you to extend your reach and see more of them.

Steps like creating a packing list and mapping out your travel route are crucial steps. If you are interested in planning a motorcycle camping journey, contact us today to schedule a private or group tour.


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