Motorbike Touring in Japan: Essential Laws to Know Before You Go

Imagine yourself driving a motorcycle down the road in Japan while the pink petals of cherry blossom trees fall around you. Japan also has many other lovely flowering trees you can enjoy. These include the Tsubaki, the Japanese Plum Tree, and the Kobushi Magnolia Tree.

So what are you waiting for? Our luxury motorcycle tours in Japan are waiting for you!

Well, unfortunately, you will have to wait before motorbike touring in Japan. You need to learn the laws of motorcycling in Japan first. So before touring Japan, read the following travel guide to learn about some of these laws.

License for Motorcycling in Japan

So you want to go on one of the many different kinds of bike tours in Japan. If so, you need an international driver’s permit. If you don’t have one, you need to get a license for motorcycling in Japan.

Japan will accept motorbike licenses from certain countries and USA states. If you have this license, get it translated at any JAF office. Then head to the nearest Driver Testing Center, take a written exam in your language, and pick up a new license.

Do you not have one of the special licenses? If so, you’ll need to take a shorter version of the Japanese road test. You’ll also need to follow the same requirements for getting a tourist car driving license.

Staying Safe on Japanese Roads

Don’t speed, drive drunk, or use mobile phones while you’re driving. You also need to wear a helmet and keep your motorbike headlights on when necessary.

These may seem like obvious travel tips, but it’s important to state them. Japan won’t let you off because you’re a tourist going on a Japan tour. If you don’t follow Japanese law, officials can imprison you or force you to pay fines.

Parking When Touring in Japan

And then there are the laws for motorcycle parking. These vary from region to region. So you must be careful when taking the kinds of yours that go through several regions.

Research the motorbike parking laws for each region in Japan. You must then plan your parking arrangements ahead of time.

Road Signs and Markings

Japan also has certain road signs and markings. These may differ from the country that you’re traveling from. So make sure that you review these before you take a Japan tour.

Riding Double

Do you want a passenger to ride with you on your motorcycle? This is forbidden on many roads. Make sure that you review the specific laws for the areas you’re visiting.

Touring Japan With Us

So follow these rules for touring in Japan. As long as you do, you should have a blast while motorcycling in Japan.

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