Japan is a glorious country with world-renowned food and unique culture and traditions influenced by isolation and other Asian nations. With some of the safest and best-kept roads in the world, a motorcycle tour of Japan with Big Bike Tours is the perfect way to explore the mountainous nature, stunning zen gardens, bustling urban centers, and beautiful religious shrines. The 21-day journey begins in Tokyo with some sightseeing before you undertake the winding roads through the Japanese countryside as you learn about the nation’s varied history and experience the amazing culture. 

Motorcycle Tour of Japan Exploration

Hot Springs

Since the Japanese archipelago sits on the Ring of Fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean, the islands and their inhabitants experience lots of effects from tectonic activity. Hundreds of active volcanoes run through the islands, allowing thousands of unique hot springs, or “onsens,” to arise. While motorcycling in Japan, stopping by hot springs is the perfect way to relax your muscles and unwind while participating in the unique bathing culture of Japan. 


Tours of Japan would be remiss if they didn’t visit the remarkable and historically-important city of Hiroshima. On the 6th of August in 1945, Hiroshima became infamous for being the first city in the world to be deliberately struck by an atomic bomb. This was a horrible day for humankind and Japan’s history. Thanks to rehabilitation efforts, however, Hiroshima has bounced back tremendously and now boasts a population of over one million and steadily growing. The epicenter of the tragedy features a museum and monuments dedicated to the victims of the atomic bomb attack called Peace Memorial Park. 

Temples and Castles

Our motorcycle tour of Japan will take you through the dazzling modern architecture of the urban areas, as well as the powerful and ancient castles and temples scattered throughout Japan’s countryside. The importance of religious practices from Buddhism and Shintoism still lingers in many citizens’ traditions and habits, even if they don’t consider themselves religious. As we travel down the scenic roads along the western coast between Masuda and Tottori, we will stop at what is believed to be the oldest and most important Shinto shrine in Japan, Izumo Taisha. Visitors to the shrine commonly clap four times during their prayers, two for themselves and two for their actual or desired partners. The deity enshrined here is known as the deity of marriage and good relationships. 

We will also visit the White Heron Castle in Himeji, one of Japan’s only 12 original castles. It has been well-preserved and miraculously survived destruction at the hands of earthquakes, war, or fire, which eradicated many other ancient Japanese castles. The castle grounds are a popular spot for viewing cherry tree blossoms in the spring. 

Why Choose A Motorcycle Tour of Japan

A motorcycle tour of Japan with Big Bike Tours is the experience of a lifetime. Our knowledgeable and experienced tour team members will guide you through spectacular routes to many beautiful tourist destinations and secret spots off the beaten path. We ensure that you have the proper insurance and exceptional multi-lingual support should you face any challenges or need assistance. An experienced motorcycle mechanic also accompanies our tours should you break down on winding roads in the middle of the rural countryside. Big Bike Tours has been in the business of guided motorcycle tours throughout Asia for over a decade. We have the experience and insight to make your trip an unforgettable adventure that you will treasure for years to come. Please visit our contact page if you have any questions or concerns regarding visas, required driver’s licenses, or gear recommendations!