Motorcycle Tours for Groups: Planning the Ultimate Excursion With Friends and Family
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Immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Southeast Asia can transform an ordinary trip into an unforgettable adventure, especially when experienced from the seat of a motorcycle with like-minded adventurers. Big Bike Tours stands out as a premier outfitter for those seeking to explore South East Asia on two wheels- a way that few have had the opportunity.

Let us give you a detailed look into what makes motorcycle tours for groups with Big Bike Tours an unparalleled adventure that will inspire both novice and experienced riders alike to hit the open road together.

Why Choose Motorcycle Tours for Groups

Heading out on the open road with a group of fellow riders is not just a journey, it’s the beginning of lifelong friendships. Imagine sharing those breathtaking views, the laughter, and the excitement of discovering new places together. It’s these moments that create a special bond between all riders, a bond that lasts forever.

There’s also something comforting about riding in a group. Besides the extra fun, there’s an added layer of safety. More eyes on the road mean more people to spot potential hazards, and being in a group means you’re more visible to other road users. Plus, everyone brings their own set of skills and knowledge, making the ride smoother and safer for everyone.

And let’s not forget the practical side of things – motorcycle tours for groups are kinder to your wallet. Splitting costs means you get to experience all the amazing sights and adventures for less. It’s a smart way to make your motorcycle tour dreams come true without breaking the bank. 

So, let’s gear up for an adventure that’s safe, bonding, and affordable. Adventure is calling, and it’s so much better together!

Preparing for Your Adventure

Before kick-starting your motorcycle journey, ensure your checklist for a safe and memorable motorcycle trip is complete.

Top of the list is gearing up with essential safety gear – a snug helmet, control-friendly gloves, a protective jacket, and riding boots. While Big Bike Tours provides a range of gear sizes, note that boots and trousers are not available due to hygiene concerns.

Paperwork is next—far from thrilling, yet indispensable. Your passport, relevant visas, and an international driving permit are crucial. If you’re bewildered by the requirements, Big Bike Tours is on hand to assist with the specifics for each country on your tour itinerary.

Lastly, a review of your riding skills is advisable to enhance your tour experience. Regardless of your proficiency level, a refresher course could be beneficial, preparing you to smoothly navigate any challenges the road may present.

Big Bike Tours: A Closer Look

Big Bike Tours specializes exclusively in Southeast Asia, providing a range of packages from short day trips to extensive cross-country explorations. We focus on delivering a seamless experience that includes accommodations, meals, and a motorcycle, ensuring that adventurers can focus on the ride and the scenery.

Each of our guided motorcycle tours is meticulously planned to showcase the best of Southeast Asian landscapes, cultures, and historical landmarks. With an emphasis on safety and comfort, Big Bike Tours ensures that every group is accompanied by experienced guides who are not just experts on the road but also adept in handling any situation that arises, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Motorcycle Tours for Groups Offered

Big Bike Tours offers an array of exhilarating group motorcycle tours customized to accommodate your time availability and interests.

One Day Tours

For a quick yet thrilling experience, consider our one-day tours. The Doi Inthanon Tour takes you on an adventure to Thailand’s highest peak within the majesty of the National Park. Alternatively, the Samoeng Loop Tour will treat you to excitement and scenic attractions, including Mae Sa Elephant Camp, and Doi Suthep, the highest peak in Chiang Mai.

Medium Tours (3-5 Days)

For those seeking a deeper exploration over 3-5 days, we have multiple options. Immerse yourself in the sights of the Magical Golden Triangle tour along the border of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. Or explore the renowned 1864 bends of the Mae Hong Son Loop that traverse Thailand’s best roads. Other tours include the Nan Loop, Sukhothai Loop, the True Biker’s Paradise Tour, with our top-selling Fantastic Lanna Kingdom Tour also being highly recommended.

Long Tours (10+ Days)

Our medium duration tours of 6-10 days deliver a richer, immersive journey. Explore the Northern reaches of Laos on our Fantastic Northern Laos tour, featuring two world heritage sites, Luang Prabang & Phonsavan’s Plane of Jars. The Northern Vietnam tour features top motorcycle sites for an unforgettable sojourn. Or circle the rich history of the three ancient kingdoms in Northern Thailand on our Ultimate Trails Thailand tour.

For a comprehensive experience, embark on our long tours exceeding ten days. The epic 20-day Great Thailand Ride traverses the length of Thailand, north to south. Discover the allure of the Philippines on our 21-day tour covering both Northern and Southern Routines. We also offer an exclusive Women Riders Only – Northern Thailand Tour guided and supported by an all-female staff for a unique expedition.

Not finding what you’re looking for? More exciting tours are available here. Please note that participation in these tours is subject to terms and conditions.

Embracing the Adventure

Choosing a group motorcycle tour with Big Bike Tours to explore Southeast Asia is more than a holiday; it’s an entry into an unparalleled adventure that promises not just sights and sounds, but the creation of stories and bonds that last a lifetime. 

The combination of expertly crafted tours, a focus on safety and comfort, and the sheer joy of exploring with friends old and new makes Big Bike Tours the ultimate choice for your next group motorcycle adventure.

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