Thailand offers everything you can expect from a tropical destination. From picturesque views in the south to the mountainous green landscape of the north, it’s important to experience everything tours in Thailand have to offer.  The beautiful, rugged geography hidden amongst forested mountains, waterfalls, caves, and jungle trails will indulge your temptations. Even more so, the area remains a playground for outdoor pursuits, including Northern Thailand motorcycle tours.

Northern Thailand Motorcycle Tours on Two Wheels 

Riding motorcycles through the mountain roads of Northern Thailand remains one of the most popular activities for visitors and residents alike. Motorcycle tours in Northern Thailand provide the ideal opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the fresh mountain air, teak forests, bamboo groves, and country scenes of rice fields.

While Chiang Mai remains a popular tourist destination in the northern region, bikers can take numerous short trips out of Chang Mai for a glimpse of what the region really provides.

Samoeng Loop

Samoeng/Mae Sa loop is the best introduction to Northern Thailand motorcycle tours. Tourists can complete the route in half a day, extending north from Chiang Mai as it passes through elegant scenery with ample curves through routes 107, 1096, and 1269.

Mae Hong Son Loop

Mae Hong Son loop is the classic northern route that begins in Chiang Mai before traversing route 1095 and route 108, as well as 1,864 bends over a 300 km stretch. With that being said, Mae Hong Son loop represents one of the shorter Northern Thailand motorcycle tours. However, it covers some of the best roads in the northern region and can offer you an adventure you’ll never forget.

Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s highest peak (2,565 meters above sea level). Located approximately a two-hour drive from Chiang Mai, this motorcycle tour in Northern Thailand offers stunning views of waterfalls, nature walks, and other attractions located right on the mountain.

Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand 

These represent just a few of the biking options you can have at your disposal in Northern Thailand. Big Bike Tours can offer the best guided, exhilarating, and authentic motorbike tours in Thailand for any motorcycle enthusiast visiting or living in the northern region.

The Asian continent provides some of the best road touring opportunities worldwide. It’s true! Our specialized motorcycle touring company focuses on delivering unique motorcycle experiences with locations in Northern Thailand. 

Our motorcycle tours begin and end in Chiang Mai, catering to all machine types and various levels of motorbiking experience. Whether a relative novice or an expert rider, you can find a unique touring experience from one to 20 days throughout this beautiful country.

For those that prefer tarmac to the jungle, you can capture endless stunning views of evergreen forests from the roadside on every drive in this region. Contact our dedicated and friendly team today to learn more about motorbike prices in Thailand with Big Bike Tours or additional information on our Northern Thailand motorcycle tours. It’s never too late to start your next adventure!