7 Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain in Asia – Because the Adventure Cannot Stop

Are you ready to ride the Slippery Lane?

Maybe it wasn’t your choice, because you are not a fan of riding in the rain, but all of a sudden it started and you didn’t know what to do. It can be very frustrating, we know, but now you have the chance to change that.

Perhaps you are ready to face your fear and overcome it, but before going for it, you need to learn how to ride in the rain, which is a frequent scenario in many parts of Asia.

That is why here at Big Bike Tours, we will show you how to ride like a pro in the rain. No matter what. Pay attention to our expert advice and you will do great!

#1 – Stay Calm:

It is fundamental; you need to keep your cool no matter what, especially when riding in the rain, because sudden braking or acceleration can cause you big problems. If you need to accelerate or brake, do it progressively.

Remember to keep your cool. Relax and ride safely. Of course, you should also keep a firm but relaxed grip, because a hard one will stress you, make you get tired much faster and affect the suspension negatively.

Therefore, if you do not have the mental toughness to keep yourself calm, then you should reconsider riding during the rain until you learn how to control yourself. Your safety comes before anything else.

In exchange, you will be able to ride during the rainy season, which is challenging, of course, but will bring you exclusive sights and experiences that only a few people ever get to live.

#2 – Wait a Moment:

You should never ride immediately after it rains, because you are only exposing yourself to serious threats:

  • Grime
  • Brake fluid
  • Dirt
  • Oil

They will invade the road as soon as it starts raining, which will put you in serious problems. It is always a better idea to wait a moment to let the rain wash the road, and only then, start riding. It will be easier and keep you safe.

Even if you are in a hurry, it is wiser to wait a moment and ride when the conditions are better. Being patient is a key quality of any good rider, so it is time to develop it.

#3 – All That Glitters Is Not Gold:

Shiny and smooth surfaces are your worst enemies when riding in the rain, because they are especially slippery, so even the smallest sudden input can make you fall off your bike.

If you still have to ride over them, do it slowly and in a very controlled way.

Rainbows are another threat that do not look like they were so. Never chase rainbows, because they may lead you to the last ride of your life… because they are dangerous oil pools.

#4 – Follow The Dry Way:

Dry lines are a godsend during the rain, because they will make your ride much easier and safer. The problem is that finding them is not easy, however, here is a little hack you can use: ride in the tire tracks of vehicles in front of you.

They are the dry lines you are looking for, so exploit them as much as possible!

#5 – Are You Tires Up to the Challenge?

You can best the most skillful rider in the world, but if your bike has thin tires, then the rain will always defeat you. Avoid it like the plague.

Make sure that your bike has thick tires, because they will bring you plenty of balance, control and traction, which are necessary elements to ride in the rain. They will keep you safe and make it easier to ride your bike.

So, make sure that your tires are up to the challenge. That is why all of our bikes are equipped accordingly, to ensure a safe and fun ride, even under complicate conditions like rain.

#6 – Wear Proper Motorcycle Apparel and Accessories:

To keep yourself even safer during the rain, you need to wear the right apparel and accessories. Make sure that you equip yourself with the following:

  1. Reflective gear to alert other riders and drivers of your presence
  2. A warm jacket
  3. A proper pair of boots
  4. Riding goggles
  5. Flashing wheel lights
  6. Equip your helmet with a visor fogging
  7. Plastic bags or ziplocs to protect your valuables
  8. Waterproof gloves.

They are essential for riding safely in the rain, so make sure that you buy them. That is why we bring you all this in our tours, because they are essential for ensuring your security.

As an extra tip, considering investing into a sturdy and durable body armor. It will bring you even more safety, and therefore, bring you peace of mind.

#7 – Beware of Puddles:

What looks like a small puddle can be a deep pond that will put you in serious trouble. Therefore, avoid them at all cost, even if they look very small and shallow, because they can be the cause of a terrible accident.

If you still have to ride over it, do it very slowly, so you can keep your bike in total control. It takes a lot of self-control to do it.

Nonetheless, our principal advice remains: avoid them whenever possible. Because if it happens to be a pond, and you have to get out as soon as possible, then you will have to accelerate out suddenly, which is a bad practice when riding in the rain.


We hope that these tips help you to ride safely during the rain.

We know that it is not easy, but now that you know the fundamentals, it will be easier for you. Of course, do it with extreme care.

If you have questions, feel free to comment them below. Our mission is to help you become a better rider, so we are here to help you whenever possible.