How to Stay Alert on Long Motorcycle Rides across Southeast Asia – Best Tips

Long motorcycle rides make up for exciting and unforgettable memories, especially when you do it across a beautiful and exotic region like Southeast Asia.

Be it Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or Myanmar, you are in for the biggest adventure of your life.

Nonetheless, before you do it – especially if solo – you need to learn to stay alert on the road because it is essential for your safety.

After so many long motorcycles rides – and more to come – here at Big Bike Tours we can bring you the best tips, which will keep you focused at all moments!

Don’t Make It Harder – Just Get Comfortable:

Hitting the road for several days is already hard enough, so do not make it even more excruciating by making yourself uncomfortable, because it will play against you.

Here you have a handful of tips that will keep you comfortable and alert:

  • Stay hydrated – Here you have an article with the best tips:
  • Your clothes matter – Wear ventilated clothing, you can also read about it in the previously linked article
  • Warm up before you ride – It will make you feel energized and ready
  • Stretch all of your muscles before riding – An essential routine we do before embarking the adventure
  • Avoid the “Monkey Butt” – We recommend you to invest in a sheepskin seat cover because they are amazing for circulating air around your backside

Here you have an excellent warm-up routine that will get you ready for your journey:

Regarding stretches, here is what you need:

Both routines will be enough to get you going.

Get a Proper Night Sleep – You Need Rest:

Poor sleep quality will decrease your attention and mental performance. It is a fact and it becomes even more important when you are riding a motorcycle because it is not a game.

We all know that this is a risky activity. We are in for the adventure, the memories, and the adrenaline, but it does not take away the risk factor, and therefore, you must make it as safe as possible, and getting a proper night sleep is fundamental.

Before riding, make sure that you get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, especially if it is going to be a very long journey.

Here you have some effective tips to accomplish it:

  • Turn off all the blue lights and distractions (ex: TV, smartphone, computer, etc.) one hour before going to sleep
  • Meditate for 5 minutes to depurate your mind
  • Make sure that your room is completely dark, free of noises and at a nice temperature (not too hot, not too cold)

It is not hard, in fact. It is rather simple, yet, you have to get used to it.

Therefore, before attempting a long motorcycle ride, make sure to fix your sleep, because it will make your experience safer and better.

Ride in a Small Group – Make Your Journey Safer and More Exciting:

Riding alone for a long time is a very big challenge because chances of losing focus are way higher. Therefore, don’t make things harder and join a small group.

That is how we do it at Big Bike Tours. A small group of like-minded individuals, led by an experienced tour guide and motorcycle rider, composes every single tour.

Doing it in a group will make it easier to keep focused and alert on the road, especially since you will get a heads up every now and then.

Take Breaks – Schedule Them:

It is important to schedule regular breaks during a long motorcycle ride, because your mind can only focus that much. It has got a limit, and you need to respect it.

Another measure we take at Big Bike Tours, because giving your mind and body a break is essential for your safety, and in fact, for enjoying the ride way more.

You cannot appreciate much if you are all tired and distracted. It will put your safety at risk and decrease the quality of your experience.

Therefore, before hitting the road, ensure to plan your breaks properly. Make them frequent if it is your first time, so you can get accustomed.

Avoid Big Lunches:

It is tempting – a lot in fact – to eat a delicious and big meal, but it is also the quickest way to ruin your focus and alertness on the road.

An unhealthy and big lunch will hit your body badly, because you will have to use tremendous amounts of energy to digest it, and when you are on a long journey, it is one of the worst things you can do, because it means tiredness, and something even worse, frequent bathroom stops.

Try to keep your meals light and healthy, another reason why we plan all the meals for our riders. If you join our tours, we will make sure to bring you delicious, healthy and light meals, to keep you satisfied, energized and alert on the road.

Get Aware of your Body – The Physical Element:

While riding, make sure to keep your body awake and active. Something as simple as shaking your head a little bit or standing up on your pegs will help you to accomplish so.

Your body and your mind are connected, therefore, it is important to remain active even when riding.

You can also shake out your hands and wrist to relieve tension and change positions on your seat regularly. Simple hacks that make a huge difference.

Bonus Tip: Meditate Regularly

I would recommend you to make meditation a daily practice because it will take your alertness and focus to the next level.

Doing it for only 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the night will change your life. Guaranteed.

Only sit down on the floor in a calm space and focus on your breath for 5 minutes. Increase the time gradually.

A small improvement that will take the quality of your rides to the next level.

Closing Thoughts:

That’s all. We hope that you enjoyed this guide, and if you have any question or doubt, feel free to reach out to us!