How To Stay Hydrated During Long Bike Rides Across Southeast Asia?

If you want to enjoy your experience to the max, you need to keep your hydration in check, especially in Southeast Asia, where the temperature can quickly heat up.

That’s why here at Big Bike Tours, we share with you this article that will show you everything you need for a pleasant and safe ride!

It is a huge problem that you must address, because you will face the dangers of dehydration sooner or later, and hence, it is better to be ready for it.

#1 – Water Comes First:

When the great day has arrived, start it by drinking 1-2 glasses of water. It is a good habit that you should develop and that will help you to stay hydrated during your ride, and furthermore, it’ll help you to clear your mind, and thus, be able to focus more on the road.

We recommend you to do it at least 45 minutes before riding because waters take approximately 30 minutes to arrive in your muscles.

A simple tip that will make a gigantic difference, and therefore, we encourage it to all of our customers, including you!

Water is life, however, you need to do it right, and that is why your day should start that way, especially when it is a great day to start your adventure on your motorcycle.

#2 – Check your Urine Color:

It is one of the most important things to do because it is the strongest sign whether you are dehydrated or not. If your urine color is too dark, then chances are you are dehydrated.

It will allow you to know your current situation, and hence, take the appropriate steps in case you are passing through an episode of dehydration, which as you know by now, is one of your worst enemies when it comes to riding.

Ideally, your urine should be straw, because it is a sign that everything is working properly and that you are hydrated enough to keep going.

#3 – Take It Easy With Alcohol:

Evidently, you should stay away from alcohol before riding, and that includes the night before because when riding and especially in such a hot and humid environment like Southeast Asia, it will fire back at you. Big time.

Therefore, especially for long motorbike tours, you should keep alcohol at bay, because it will negatively affect your performance, especially when it is very hot outside.

#4 – Wear the Right Motorcycle Clothing:

When it comes to riding in Southeast Asia, especially during the summer, it is key to wear ventilated motorcycle clothing, because, for evident reasons, it will make you sweat less.

If you wear your standard leather clothing, it will inevitably create a micro-climate, which will dehydrate you at a much faster rate.

The best investment you can make is to buy a flow-through jacket. It will allow you to keep your body fresh, and hence, you will stay hydrated for longer.

You should also buy a Venz, which is a little device you can place up your sleeve that will keep the air flowing up your arms, and hence, keeping you super fresh and comfortable even during long rides.

#5 – Buy a Water Dispensing Unit:

This is a real Godsend, because it allows you to take small sips of water while you are riding, so you don’t have to stop to hydrate yourself, which is especially good when riding for very long distances and you have no plans of stopping by any time soon.

Of course, it is a lot much safer, because it will not distract you from the road. It helps you to keep you hydrated while maintaining your focus on what you are doing. The best deal around.

Therefore, it is one of the best investments you will make in your life because it will prevent you from stopping too often. However, read the following point, because breaks are an essential part of safe riding, especially during long tours.

#6 – Have Breaks:

You should plan stops during your trip, because it is inevitable to become tired, and therefore, it is wise to rest because it is very dangerous to ride your motorcycle in such a state.

Breaks will allow you to recover, relax and hydrate yourself, hence keeping your stress levels under control, something that will aid you to focus more on your trip.

In our long trips, we always plan stops at strategic places, so you can cool down and recover all of your forces because riding across Southeast Asia is a fantastic yet challenging experience.

It is wise to have strategic breaks and we incorporate them in every single one of our tours, so you can have a beautiful, exciting and safe experience.

#7 – Watch Out What You Eat:

You need to be careful with too much sweet when riding because if you eat plenty of it, you will dehydrate at a much faster rate.

It is easy to devour everything you encounter during your breaks if you stop at coffee shops, but you must avoid it at all cost because too much sugar will accelerate your dehydration, which is one of your biggest enemies on the road.

Instead, we recommend you to drink more water, stick to fruits if you have a sweet tooth and to drink beverages rich in electrolytes and low in sugar.

Pro tip: Drink sports drinks with a higher concentration of sodium, because during long rides you will lose many minerals including sodium, and hence, you will have to fuel your reserves again.

Final Words:

That’s all you need to know to keep yourself hydrated during your long and exciting ride across Southeast Asia.

We hope that it helps you to have a fun, safe and exciting tour!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to let us know and we’ll reply back as soon as possible!