Tips and Tricks for Planning a Trip to Thailand

Did you know that the number of tourists who visited Thailand last year grew to 11.15 million people? That’s because Thailand is a beautiful place to visit with tons of natural beauty and plenty of entertainment.

If you are thinking about what to do in Thailand then consider an activity like overland Thailand tours. Keep reading to learn more about these tours that can make planning a trip to Thailand much more simplified.

What to Expect When Planning a Trip to Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. It has huge mountain ranges and equally impressive cities. And it is peppered with jaw-dropping beaches, sea cliffs, and jungles.

Most people in Thailand speak at least a little English. Accommodations in the country are commonly considered affordable, including access to air-conditioned buses, and low-cost airlines.

Expect to have a one-of-a-kind experience here as the people are friendly, the food is unforgettable, and the activities are bountiful.

Motorcycle Tours in Thailand

A great way to sample all that this amazing country has to offer is by taking a scenic motorcycle tour all the way from the mainland to the beaches.

Traveling from North to the South you will have time to see panoramic views from Chiang Mai to Phuket Island. Choose between a 13-day tour or a 20-day tour, each with unforgettable stops along the way!

13-Day Tour of Thailand

This almost 2-week bike tour of Thailand starts at the Hotel Amora Tapae Chiang Mai and ends at the Diamond Resort Phuket on Bang Tao Beach.

Some of the tour highlights you can look forward to include the World Heritage Site of Sukhothai, the Ho Chi Minh House, and the beach town of Hua Hen. And these are just a couple of the natural, historical, traditional, and cultural attractions you will find riding through on this tour experience.

Also included with this tour are 12 overnight stays at quality hotels and resorts. All riders get their own room with a king-sized bed. Also included are all meals, water, soft drinks,

And of course, the motorcycle rental with unlimited mileage, fuel, and oil are included. As well as third-party liability insurance.

All groups follow a licensed professional guide. And there is a support van that flanks the group carrying luggage, drinks, and even space for a guest!

20-Day Tour of Thailand

If you need even more than what the 13-day tour offers, then this 20-day tour is right for you.

It includes everything that is included in the shorter ride, but with a few more destinations to discover. Take a look at the first ten stops included in this 25-stop tour:

  1. Chiang Mai
  2. Doi Inthanon
  3. Mae Sariang
  4. Mae Hong Son
  5. Pai
  6. Chiang Dao
  7. Tha Ton
  8. Golden Triangle
  9. Chiang Rai
  10. Nan

Ride Across Thailand

Now that you know a bit more about traveling in this country, you can be confident about planning a trip to Thailand.

Save yourself the headache of organizing your own agenda, itinerary, and budget, and book one of these motorcycle tours today! It includes your overnight stays, food and drinks, and so much more.


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