Top 5 Motorcycle Apps Turn Your Rides Better and Safer

Technology is transforming the way we ride because they help us to become more efficient motorcycle riders. From gadgets to apps, there are plenty of where to choose from. In this opportunity, we are going to bring you the top 5 motorcycle apps of 2019.

We have used and tested hundreds of apps, and from our experience, these five are the absolute best. Let Big Bike Tours introduce them to you, to take your rides to the next level!

Bullet Troubleshooting: Diagnose Problems Fast

When you hit the road, you always expose yourself to problems. There are so many that it is hard to keep track of all of them, but thanks to Bullet Troubleshooting you do not have to because it will help you to identify, diagnose and solve any problem that your motorcycle might present. Simple and easy.

It offers you a straight to the point interface so you can easily find the problem that is affecting your motorcycle. It has one of the most complete libraries, so all you need to do is to choose the item that matches your problem the most, and then it will offer you solutions. As simple as that.

It is lightweight and is a great tool for bikers regardless of their experience, because it is impossible to be aware of all the problems a motorcycle can experience, and in consequence, it is very hard to know all the solutions. It will help you to make your rides a lot safer.

Just consider that it is not a replacement for actual mechanical experience and knowledge. It is more like a supplement because you need to know the basics of motorcycle troubleshooting.

Calimoto: Share Your Rides with the World

If you want to share your rides, tracks and other aspects of your rides with the rest of the world, then Calimoto makes it easy. Nonetheless, it does a lot more than that. Let us show you why you need to install it today!

It provides you with an excellent navigation system powered by GPS, and it is so smart that it even creates new routes for you, so you can embark on new and exciting adventures. It even shows you off-the-track routes, for those of you who like to venture into the unknown. It will take your rides to the next level of adrenaline and excitement!

It also helps you to track your ride statistics and to find nearby biker meetups, restaurants and gas stations. All in all, in addition to sharing your rides with the rest of the world and see what other bikers are doing, it provides you with state of the art GPS navigation and other helpful features.

Diablo Super Biker: Track Everything Motorcycle

Tracking all the data of your motorcycle and your rides is an excellent habit because it can help you to optimize what you do, and thanks to Diablo Super Biker, you can do it effortlessly. It is the best way to register your ride statistics.

It allows you to track a wide range of stats:

  • Mileage
  • Tire width
  • Maximum acceleration
  • Gravitational acceleration
  • Center of the mass of your motorcycle
  • Accurate lean angle calculation

And that is just a small sample of all the things you can track thanks to Diablo Super Biker. It is excellent for novice riders as well as the most seasoned ones who wish to fine-tune every single aspect of their motorcycles and rides. This app will allow you to do it easily.

It even provides you unique insights such as atmospheric pressure and the type of asphalt you are traveling on. It is a godsend honestly because it incorporates high-tech tracking easily into your rides because you only have to download it on your phone and that is all.

Rever: Socialize with Other Bikers Easily

Riding does not have to be lonely, at least not any more thanks to Rever, the best social app for motorcycle riders. If you have wondered where other bikers meet, what they are doing, what routes they are traveling or where you can help when you need it the most, then Rever is exactly what you need in your life.

It is the perfect app for touring and long bike rides because it will help you to socialize and discover new places to ride, which is excellent when you are riding a new region.

It is also ideal if you are a fan of solo riding. It will keep you safe as well, because you will get unique insights from riders who already know the road, and of course, discover their own custom routes.

Dark Sky: Discover what the Weather is Holding for You

There is nothing worse than going out for a ride, and suddenly, it starts raining. It can ruin your experience completely, but thanks to Dark Sky, you can get exclusive weather information. You will receive complete insights at the hyper-local level, which is something that similar apps do not offer.

Therefore, we recommend you to install it, especially if you ride in areas with changing the weather, which is a common scenario in Southeast Asia. That is why we use it because it helps us to prepare for any situation.

In our opinion, it is the most complete weather app for motorcycle riders, because it provides hyper-local weather information even for remote areas. Therefore, it is an excellent tool to have at hand.

We recommend you to check it the day and night before embarking yourself on a ride, especially if it is going to be a long one. That way you can know what to expect, and therefore, plan your stops strategically and bring yourself with the right tools just in case.


Now that you know what the top 5 motorcycle apps of 2019 are, it is time to download them to your phone. Start using them and you will see how much safer, better and more fun your rides will become!