Laos is a very popular motorcycle trip destination as an add-on to a tour around Thailand. There is a lengthy shared border, meaning that there are several entry and exit points in and out of Thailand. Extended loop tours are therefore possible.

Laos is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, and with our motorcycle tours, you will explore it like never before. Click here to read more about our expeditions.


6 DAY TOUR (Northern Laos)

This road tour will take you around the Northern part of Laos, with much to see along the route, including two world heritage sites, Luang Prabang & Phonsavan´s Plane of Jars. The roads are great for motorcycling with 1000s of bends with great views.

10 DAY TOUR (Thailand & Laos)

Real motorcycle adventure: Laos is a country as yet untouched by modern demands. The magical, lush and extremely colorful Laos offers motorcycle touring at its best: charming villages, exotic cultures, warm people, and spectacular scenery.

20 DAY TOUR (Vietnam, Laos & Thailand)

A Once-In-a-Lifetime-Trip! You will discover 3 exotic countries in 20 days: Amazing THAILAND / Unseen LAOS / Timeless Charm VIETNAM. We will explore small, almost hidden routes that are unknown to many.

20 DAY TOUR (Tibet & Shangri-La)

You will discover 5 exotic countries in 20 days: THAILAND / BURMA / LAOS / CHINA / TIBET. The tour provides an outstanding opportunity to obtain a thorough impression of the uniqueness of the autonomous province of Tibet via Shangri-La.

50 DAY TOUR (The Great Indochina Ride)

Southeast Asia is a wondrous and mysterious region and we are taking a full Indochina tour around it. With a fascinating but often troubled history and unique and varying cultures, this enchanting region has much to offer.