Vietnam offers a variety of terrain from coastal towns and highways and beautiful beaches, to the high mountain roads along the Chinese border. The people are friendly and arguably the most fluent in English of all S.E. Asian countries.

If you wish to visit and discover Vietnam in the most exciting way, then here you will find all the info regarding our motorcycle tours across this country.

20 DAY TOUR (Vietnam, Laos & Thailand)

A Once-In-a-Lifetime-Trip! You will discover 3 exotic countries in 20 days: Amazing THAILAND / Unseen LAOS / Timeless Charm VIETNAM. We will explore small, almost hidden routes that are unknown to many.

50 DAY TOUR (The Great Indochina Ride)

Southeast Asia is a wondrous and mysterious region and we are taking a full Indochina tour around it. With a fascinating but often troubled history and unique and varying cultures, this enchanting region has much to offer.