This motorcycle tour in the Northern and Southern parts of Laos is carefully developed, and the routes are the best you will find. All guesthouses, restaurants, and ‘thing to see’ along the way is thoughtfully chosen. We aim to make this motorcycle adventure the most unique, exciting, and memorable in Laos. Road changes in Laos are continuous, so we monitor their conditions and the weather to ensure we keep our routes fresh and exciting, always looking for new road options and things to see along the way.

This road tour will take us first around the Northern part of Laos, visiting Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng & the capital Vientiane, just to name a few places. On route, we will visit some of the best attractions in Laos, such as The World Heritage-listed sites of Luang Prabang and Phonsavna’s Plain of Jars to name a few. Expect some great riding as we traverse the roads of Laos on this adventure through the mountains and valleys of the North to the flatter lands of Southern Laos.

Laos is the perfect destination for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to embark on an unforgettable ride. Let’s start your adventure now!

TOUR OPERATOR Big Bike Tours – Lao Adv Tours
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Luang Prabang / International Airport or Train Station
DEPARTURE TIME The tour will start at 8.30 am. Please be informed, that you arrived at least one day before the tour started in Luang Prabang. We recommend two days before the tour starts to acclimate and avoid jet lag.
RETURN TIME The tour will finish at about 4/5 pm back in Luang Prabang, so if you would like to fly back the same day to Vientiane or other destinations, you can easily catch any flight from Luang Prabang after 6 pm.
GEAR We recommend bringing your gear to be the most comfortable. But we also offer some helmets, jackets, gloves, and knee guards. Please be informed, that we do not offer boots and trousers due to hygienic reasons.
Accommodation all together 11 nights, Single Rooms
SUV/Minivan/Pickup Truck for Backup Transportation
Motorcycle Honda CRF300/250L
English-speaking professional tour leader as a riding tour guide during the whole tour
Tour and transfer services as described in the itinerary
Breakfast and dinner, lunch in the local restaurants
Mechanics with all necessary spare parts
Drinking water
Third party Bike insurance
Travel Permits
Airport pick-up at Luang Prabang International Airport or Train Station
Flight Fare
Travel Insurance
Personal expenses
Tips for Tour and non-tour staff such as guides, mechanics, Drivers, waiters, porters, shoe shiners, etc.
Telephone bills
Any damage to the motorcycle must be covered by the rider in full

Please be informed, that our tours are all-inclusive. So you can completely focus on your holiday, the adventure, the riding, and the unseen Northern Laos. There are no hidden costs or other surprises – our tour prices are final. All is paid. Come ride with us – the real deal!

Luang Prabang – Nong Khiaw – Muang Hiam – Phonsavan – Ban Nahin – Konglor Cave – Nakhai – The Rock View Point – Vientiane – Vang Vieng – Kwang Si Waterfall – Luang Prabang

(Distance:  about 2,300 km. / 1,430 miles )


Day 1. Luang Prabang - Nong Khiaw (160 km.)

First day on the roads together, after a briefing and breakfast will get on the road and get this tour underway. The first stop will be Pak Ou caves, which is a popular tourist spot on the banks of the Nam Ou River, these caves were used for shelter during the war, and are home to 100s of Buddha sculptures. After a short tour of the Caves, we will head north on route 13 toward Nong Khiaw where we will overnight on the Banks of The Nam Ou River.
Accommodation: Mandala Ou Resort


Day 2. Nong Khiaw - Muang Hiam (170 km.)

A full day of riding. Today as we re-join the 1C and make our way south towards Phonsavan. Phonsavan is a World Heritage site, famous for the plane of jars, there are many sites to see them, the most famous being site one which we will visit before heading to our hotel for the evening.
Accommodation: Heungkhamxay Guest House


Day 3. Muang Hiam – Phonsavan (220 km.)

A full day’s riding today as we rejoin the 1C and make our way south towards Phonsavan. Phonsavan is a World Heritage site, famous for the Plain of Jars, of which there are many sites. The most famous is Site 1 which we will visit on our rest day.
Accommodation: Anoulackkhenlao Hotel


Day 4. Rest Day in Phonsavan & Sightseeing (50 km.)

We can take a late start to our day today and enjoy the sites on Phonsavan. The plane of Jars Site 1 will be our first stop after breakfast. Spread over many acres the Jars are still an unknown, burial erns or rice wine vats, nobody is really sure, although it appears to be the first mentioned, the rest of the afternoon can be spent relaxing.
Accommodation: Anoulackkhenlao Hotel


Day 5. Phonsavan - Ban Nahin (250 km.)

After a hearty breakfast, we will head south on Route 1D, one of our best roads in Laos, smooth and twisty as we make our way into the Karst Mountain areas of Khammoaune province. We will head for Ban Nahin and the Sanamhai Resort, nestled on the banks of the Namhi River, a wonderful location in rural Laos.
Accommodation: Sanamhai Resort


Day 6. Ban Nahin - Konglor Cave (80 km.)

A shorter day today and a chance to relax a little. We will take the bikes down to Konglor Cave. Upon arrival, we will take a boat ride through the cave which is nothing short of spectacular. We will have lunch on the other side before heading back through the cave and returning to Sanamhai Resort. This family-run resort is a peaceful place with great hospitality.
Accommodation: Sanamhai Resort


Day 7. Ban Nahin - Nakai (190 km.)

We will keep heading south today and you will see how the countryside changes, with more Karst mountains, and huge valleys. A new road that won’t disappoint takes us through a reservoir. On arrival at Nakai, we will stay overnight on the lake. It’s a perfect place for a few cold beers surrounded by nature.
Accommodation: Phosy Thalang Nakai Resort


Day 8. Rest Day in Nakai

The Phosy Thalang Nakai Resort is located in a national park. If you just want to hang out and enjoy the scenery you can do so by the shores of the lake. You can go boating or maybe take a short walk through the national park. The aim of the day is for you to rest and recuperate in this beautiful area. Beer and sunbathing are also encouraged.
Accommodation: Phosy Thalang Nakai Resort


Day 9. Nakai – The Rock View Point (155 km.)

We say goodbye to the Nakai Plateau and head along Route 13 through the mountain ranges en route to The Rock viewpoint, another great ride ahead. The Rock is a brand-new facility located in a limestone forest. There is a great viewing area to sit in and enjoy the surroundings, or you can take a zip line trip around the facility. This really is a spectacular place. The accommodation in the pods built on the mountain is something to behold.
Accommodation: Rock View Point Resort


Day 10. The Rock View Point - Vientiane (260 km.)

An early start today as we have a fair distance to travel through the Laotian countryside en route to the capital city of Vientiane. On arrival, we’ll check out a few places for some photos before heading to our Hotel for the evening. Expect a great evening of entertainment in this bustling city.
Accommodation: Chanthapanya Hotel Vientiane


Day 11. Vientiane - Vang Vieng (140 km.)

Leaving the capital, we will go north to Vang Vieng on Route 13 before heading off to Thalat. Here we will stop at Nam Ngum Lake for lunch. Once finished, we can press onto Vang Vieng and our Hotel for the evening. Vang Vieng is a fun place so hopefully, we can arrive early to enjoy it.
Accommodation: Silver Naga


Day 12. Vang Vieng - Luang Prabang (220 km.)

On our last day on the road, it won’t disappoint, we’ll take the scenic view climbing up to 200 meters, over the Kasi pass, the views are great. On arrival at Luang Prabang, we’ll take you to visit Kuang Si waterfalls to cool ourselves down. Then it’s onto Luang Prabang town, another world heritage site, and back to your hotel for the evening.

For Laos also Visa on arrival is possible, the same as it´s in Thailand.  The Visa fee on arrival for Laos is about 30 US$ for 30 days (1,200 THB). You also can apply for E-Visa here:

Due to the cumbersome logistics involved with obtaining all necessary permits, we must impose the following conditions for registration of your participation in the tour:

  • The deadline for the latest registrations is one month before the tour start
  • Confirmation of your participation in the tour will only be confirmed against the payment of a 10% deposit (down payment) of the total tour price.
  • First, come – first served: the date of receipt of your deposit (down payment) will determine whose participation will be confirmed first. We will not confirm participation in the tour before receipt of your deposit.

We shall guarantee the departure of the tour with a minimum of 4 bikers and shall limit the maximum size of the group to no more than 10 bikes.

With your registration for the tour, we also need the following personal data from you:

Family Name(s) – as per passport:
First Name(s) – as per passport:
Passport Number:
Date of Birth:
Passport Issue Date:
Passport Issue Place:
Passport Expiry Date:

Please note that to participate in this tour, you must own a valid international driver’s license for motorcycles over 500cc.

For inquiries or in case of any uncertainties, please contact us at

Because we shall have to fully prepay all suppliers far in advance, we require your full prepayment of the tour (minus the deposit) by the latest one month before the tour start.

Please note that the following cancellation fees apply in case you are obliged to cancel the reservations for the tour at the last minute:

If cancellation is received: Fee (in % of the total tour price)
60 Days to 15 Days 30% of the Tour cost
30 Days to 8 Days 50% of the Tour cost
14 Days or less 100% of the Tour cost

We strongly recommend that you purchase individualized travel and/or medical insurance from any insurance company in your home market to prevent having to incur any unexpected medical or travel expenses.

The motorcycles only carry compulsory third-party insurance for Laos. Consequently, the participant carries full risk in case of an accident, regardless of whether the accident is caused by the tour participant or by a third party. Please bear also in mind that in the case of an accident, the adversary will most likely not be carrying any insurance coverage at all. Hence, the tour participant carries the maximum risk of 5,000 USD in case of total damage to his/her motorcycle.

Against the surcharge of 300 USD, we offer limited comprehensive insurance cover with a maximum liability/participation of 1,000 USD (instead of 5,000 USD) for the participant in case of damage sustained to his/her motorcycle. For minor damage, we will collect the costs for repair at the end of the tour as it is easier to handle such minor cases on the spot. Tour participants who opt for fully comprehensive insurance coverage will also have to deposit 1,000 USD in cash at the beginning of the tour.

It is also important to know that the participant is liable for damage caused to his/her motorcycle in the case of an accident caused by a third person. Third-party insurance in Laos generally only covers bodily harm caused to the third party and does not cover damage caused to the vehicle of a third party.

ATMs are not yet widespread in Laos, and only major hotels and sometimes upcountry accept the most common credit cards such as American Express and Visa. In many places, however, credit cards will not be accepted at all. Hence, it is useful to bring cash in US Dollars, preferably also in small denominations as many shops upcountry cannot easily provide change for a 100-Dollar bill. You may also want to change some foreign currency into Laos Kip (KIP) as the Lao people only trade in their currency. When paying for something small with US Dollars, the change will most likely be rendered in Laos Kip (KIP). This change, in turn, can be used again for buying a drink or for small tips, etc. Bringing traveler cheques is useless as only the Lao Investment, and Commercial Bank (LICB) or the Lao Foreign Trade Bank (LFTB) in Vientiane would trade in these through cumbersome and time-consuming procedures. However, it is now possible to change US Dollars and even Euros and also Thai Baht into local currency at most airports and many other places. We do not recommend changing Laos Kip (KIP) already in your home country!

Day 1. Luang Prabang – Nong Khiaw (160 km)

Day 2. Nong Khiaw – Muang Hiam (170 km)

Day 3. Muang Hiam – Phonsavan (220 km)

Day 4. Rest Day in Phonsavan

Day 5. Phonsavan – Ban Nahin (250 km)

Day 6. Ban Nahin – Ban Nahin – Konglor Cave (80 km)

Day 7. Ban Nahin – Nakai (190 km)

Day 8. Rest Day in Nakai

Day 9. Nakai – The Rock View Point (155 km)

Day 10. The Rock View Point – Vientiane (260 km)

Day 11. Vientiane – Vang Vieng (140 km)

Day 12. Vang Vieng – Kuang Si Waterfall – Luang Prabang (220 km)

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