Why you should motorcycle touring in Thailand?
motorcycle tours thailand
Every tour overseas is special. You may have experienced Morocco’s desert, Italy’s mountains, or Spain’s breathtaking landscapes… and every time is different, exotic, and unique.

Thailand too is a unique country, different from everything you may have experienced in your long tour history.

Forget about Bangkok’s technology and crowded cities. The Thailand you will be experiencing on 2 wheels is completely different… and totally worth a new, exciting motorcycle tour.

Why is it worth it?

Here are the 5 reasons why!

A fundamental in a motorcycle tour the road! And Thailand has amazing roads: from the curvy mountain roads in Chiang Mai to the beach ride of Phuket, Thailand has wonderful roads to satisfy all drivers. And the asphalt is perfect!

Nature and sightseeing
Thailand’s environment and biodiversity would amaze anybody, from mountain lovers, who will be fully satisfied by the amazing Doi Inthanon and the beautiful footsteps of the Himalayan to sea lovers, who will enjoy breathtaking coastal roads with a bright blue sea.

Culture and History
In Thailand, you will find pieces of history and culture you will never experience anywhere else. No matter where you will go, there will always be a world heritage site, a Buddhist temple, or a shrine to enchant you with its peculiar architecture and unique history. You will be amazed.

It’s not a mystery… Thailand has one of the best cuisines. But when on a motorcycle tour you will not find the usual Pad thai… you will try some local delicacies like Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup), or the Khao Soi, Northern Thailand´s famous egg noodles with coconut milk and curry soup base.

Thailand is with no doubt motorcycle country, with the most brands manufactured in the Kingdom (for example all Triumph models are made in Thailand, Ducati Factory, BMW Factory, Harley Davidson Factory, Kawasaki Factory, Honda Factory in Rayong Province) At Big Bike Tours we offer only the latest lineups of all Japanese brands, BMW, and much more. All kept with high-level maintenance.

Hey guys and girls, let’s start planning your next motorcycle adventure tour. Remember we are the leading Motorcycle Tour Company in Thailand & Asia for so many reasons.

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At the moment you need to register here: https://tp.consular.go.th/ to enter the Kingdom.

With documents as follows:

⭐ Passport
⭐ Vaccination Certificate
⭐ SHA+/AQ Hotel Reservation & SHA certified tour company
⭐ CV19 Health Insurance with minimum coverage of 50,000 USD
⭐ T8 Form – can easily download here:

Sounds complicated, but should be very easy and smooth … Much better than the COE (Certificate of Entrance) procedure before. Luckily this is not necessary anymore. This was a nightmare … 😉

Cheers everybody, Sincerely

Your BBT Team

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Motorcycle touring is one out of many tourism forms, but this particular includes motorcycle as the primary vehicle. Motorcycle touring is the most cost-effective form of personal transport while traveling.

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